July Bronze Medallion Course

July Bronze Medallion Course IMAGE

July Bronze Medallion Course


The next Bronze Medallion Course at Dixon Park SLSC will commence with registration and induction upstairs in our club house on:

Wednesday 12th July 2017 at 6:30pm.

Cost: From $20.

Our Bronze courses typically include a first aid certificate, an Advanced Resuscitation Techniques certificate, A Spinal Management certificate and a Radio Operators certificate.  If you already hold a first aid certificate you will not need to do that particular part of the course again.  

​It is anticipated that the squad will work through the theory aspect of the course one night per week and then as appropriate we will start the water activities. A full timetable will be published shortly. The dry/theory assessment will take place on Wednesday 20/9/17 and the first opportunity for the practical assessment will be Saturday 23/9/17 at Stockton beach. For those who are not ready or available by this date there are additional assessments every month, so there is no time pressure on you.

​A prerequisite is that you are able to complete a 400 meter pool swim in 9 minutes or under. Whilst you can work towards this time, unless you are able to achieve it within approximately one to two weeks of course commencement you will not be able to complete the Bronze course within the time frame set out.

​​For additional information email Stuart Barnett at: education@dixonparkslsc.com.au